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Meet the Cat - an animated cat to walk around a lawn

Meet the ginger cat from Touch Cats. He's larger than in Touch Cats, so is
more suitable for the very young or those with visual impairments. Walk him
around the screen with your fingers/mouse. Or - for switch users - just use
the Space bar.

You won't need the Admin profile to install this - it all installs into your
My Documents directory.

Requirements -
1) Windows PC running 98, ME,2000, XP or Vista.
2) A fairly recent machine is best. (Anything bought since 2004 should be
3) A minimum screen resolution of 1024*768 - so it won't run on some
4) A touch monitor/screen, ideally.
5) Sound - either on the motherboard or a separate sound card.

K-1 demo – an on screen kaleidoscope for Windows PCs

K1 Demo

Click to download

I wanted word to get around that there’s a new multiuser version of K-1 available for Windows XP and 2000.

So – for anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s a working demo of a small section. Use it as a stress-busting desktop toy for yourself, or treat your switch users to some timeless entertainment.

You won't need the Admin profile to install this - it installs into your My Documents directory. Use the Space key to turn, and the Enter key to shake.

The (full) multi-user version is great for situations where several people share a PC. You can also play back your own creations in the screensaver.

Pre-Mouse - an amusing mouse trainer with built-in dwell clicking.

Pre Mouse download

Click to download

Touch monitor, single and two switch access also available on all activities. Switch Connection fans will find this a desirable extra!

Pre-Mouse began life as a tool for the speech therapists at Chailey Heritage. This, plus a head-mouse, was used by a 10 year old with rather borderline head movement. He liked it, and it also went down well in computer workshops.

Installs into your My Documents directory, so Admin rights are not required.

Touch Screen Mazes

Touch screen maze download

Click to download

Three high contrast mazes for touch screen/ touch monitor. Can be used to improve hand-eye coordination in the severely visually impaired.

Originally used in a head injury unit for young people in 1999. However, on today's larger brighter monitors, they will be of interest to a wider audience.

The mazes are not entirely bullet proof, so you can have fun trying to break through the walls!

You don't need Admin permission to install this program - all necessary files are placed into your My Documents directory.


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