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Rebound Therapy dot Org (www.reboundtherapy.org)
The website for the National Rebound Therapy Consultancy - the central body of reference and provider of certificated training courses for Rebound Therapy in Great Britain.

Rebound Therapy is the phrase used to describe the use of a trampoline to provide therapeutic exercise and recreation for people with a wide range of special needs. Participants range from mild to severe physical disabilities and from mild to profound and multiple learning disabilities. The techniques of Rebound Therapy were developed in the 1970s by Eddy Anderson MCS, Cert.Ed, and practitioners use R.T. to facilitate movement, improve fitness and exercise tolerance, to increase or decrease muscle tone, to promote balance, relaxation, sensory integration and to improve communication skills.

The website is for use by everyone who is involved with Rebound Therapy and
special needs trampolining: Physiotherapists, Occupational therapists, Speech therapists, Nurses, Teachers, Parents, Carers, Health workers, Trampoline coaches. The website provides an opportunity for those involved to publish and share their experiences and for students to find and request information. The Rebound Therapy Consultancy team can be contacted at


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